We are dedicated to doing our best to truly support each unique individual who is blind or low vision in California’s Central Valley. The people we serve face one of the highest joblessness of any group in California other than children- at least a 70% unemployment rate for adults who are blind and low vision. There are many reasons for this unacceptable fact. People who are blind may not experience a quality education or sufficient blindness training. Employers often face challenges in accepting how a person with vision loss could be a good fit at their company. Transportation to and from work in many of our rural areas can also make it quite literally impossible for someone who is unable to self-transport.

For a long time, we focused on providing services to people who are blind to help with essential aspects of independence, safety, mobility, and technology. Our rehabilitation services are effective; however, people we helped who wanted jobs still were facing severe unemployment.

At the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, when many people were being laid off, VCB made bold first steps to change the employment climate for people who are blind. Our first jobs in virtual customer service for the blind began in May of 2020 with an initial 6. We now employ over 30 people who are blind and low vision, creating accessible jobs through strategic partnerships. Our work is far from finished. Our employees are dedicated and motivated to continue building the foundation for accessible employment opportunities at all levels and working within the commercial and government marketplaces to be sure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

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