VCB Web Accessibility Testing

Did you know an estimated 90% of U.S. websites are not ADA Compliant or not usable for people with Disabilities?

Yet, over 10 million Americans are blind or have low vision and over 2 billion people have some kind of disability.

E-commerce retailers are losing up to $6.9billion annually to their competitors who’s websites are fully accessible to all people with disabilities. VCB does more than help your business with ADA compliance. We bring a positive impact to your finances.

VCB’s web accessibility testers are visually impaired, blind or have some kind of disability so we completely understand the struggles of a website not being fully accessible. VCB will do a 73-point check on websites to see if it is fully accessible to people with all kinds of disabilities.

Our mission is to remove barriers for all people with disabilities. We are passionate about accessibility and want to be a positive driving force from within the community.

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