We believe that fun is a great way to bring people together! Creative Recreation is a mix of classes, events and activities that encourage those with vision loss to engage with others and build relationships. Some of our Creative Recreation Opportunities include: Knitting and Crochet Group, Board and Card Game Tournaments, Bowling, Seasonal Crafting, Chair Yoga and much more! We are always looking for new ideas to grow our Creative Recreation and would love to have you participate!


Arts & Crafts (every Monday from 12 noon to 2 pm)

Our arts & crafts group is for the blind and visually impaired to give them the opportunity to put their creative talents to work. You will work on different projects throughout the year, several projects will consist of the seasons, holidays and what the group would like to do. Majority of their work is done with textured materials and clay, as you work on different projects you will learn how to utilize different tools. Everyone is welcome; the program really helps to build self-esteem and confidence.


Knitting and Crocheting (every Thursday from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm)

This group is not just about knitting & crocheting they are a very strong group that really enjoys each other; you will be a part of great socializing and they lend support when needed. They are very loving and caring group at the same time making wonderful items. If you are wondering how they do it being blind or visually impaired, it takes you to use your abilities and assistance from our great volunteers. There is almost one volunteer per client. Once you learn how to knit or crochet you will be on your way to making wonderful items such as, Afghans, pot holders, scarf’s, hats and many more creative Items.

Thank You!

Focusing on improving and enhancing the lives of people with vision loss. We thank you for every dollar donated.

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